Vintage Silver Comes Inside For Summer Entertaining

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A couple of weeks ago we had some more friends over for dinner and it was just too hot to head outside (although Mr. Magpies did have the undoubted pleasure of grilling the steaks outside, while the rest of us sipped cocktails inside). In a guest post about summer entertaining we were outdoors, but not that weekend!

What to do? I still keep it simple, but want to make sure it is special for my guests. The vintage silver came inside for summer entertaining, but inside doesn’t mean formal and uptight.

Vintage Silver Inside Entertaining

Vintage silver strawberry forks and flat handled butter spreaders. Great for spearing little yummy things and spreading dips!

Vintage silver comes inside for summer entertaining

We started in the living room with some nibbles (in my favorite, favorite dishes from the immensely talented Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio).

As you can see, it’s very low key…the silver is in an old jam jar.  Guests were free to choose strawberry forks and butter spreaders to use for eating yummies and applying dips and spreads to crackers.

Even the kids joined in…our friends’ little girl was charmed and intrigued by the forks 🙂 My son had an excellent time using the sugar tongs to grab the stuffed grape leaves.

As alluded to on the strawberry fork monogram challenge…I enjoy chickpea salad…which I love, love, love to eat with the strawberry forks. It’s a quirk I admit it, but you can only eat the chickpeas one at a time and it makes the salad last forever 🙂

Georgian silver tongs

Georgian silver tongs make sure the stuffed grape leaves go from platter to plate without intervening stops on the rug, sofa, or into the dog.

Vintage silver spoon indoor summer entertaining

Delicious chickpea salad in one of Heather's amazing scallop bowls.

Mr. Magpies efforts on the grill were much appreciated. Dinner was delicious and enjoyed by everyone.

We sat down at a pretty (but again, very low effort table) to eat. No one commented on the fact that the silverware did not match or that the runner had been cut from a fabric remnant.  I didn’t even hem the edges, I just left them raw. A few flowers in some jam jars completed the decorations.  Again, nothing fancy, because I couldn’t put together a real flower arrangement for all the tea in China.

indoor summer entertaining Vintage silver

A natural linen cloth with a runner cut from some fabric remnants sets the stage for the table.


Chic and very casual can be done inside, don’t you think?

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