Vintage Silver Strawberry Fork: Monogram Challenge

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Hi there! I hope you are well. On today’s challenge we have one of my favorite pieces.  It’s a vintage silver strawberry fork.  I just love these – in my table manners for children post  I disclosed how my son like to use them for hot dogs. I love to use them for just about anything…especially chickpea salad.  Yum! More about that on Wednesday 🙂

Vintage silver strawberry fork monogram challenge

Vintage Silver Stawberry Fork

Another fine faint monogram. A double this time.

For new readers, playing is very simple.  Just leave your best guess in the comments below.  The person with the correct answer wins a prize.  If more than one person guesses correctly, I’ll draw names from my trusty straw hat.

Click for all the official rules

Last time on the Monogram Challenge

English Silver Georgian Tablespoon

A swirly, ornate single on a Georgian silver tablespoon.


And the winner is….



Do you have a preference of the “font” for monograms?


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