Vintage Silver Compote – Monogram Challenge

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Hello, it’s Monday (already how did that happen?) and today it’s the vintage silver compote edition of the monogram challenge.

After last week’s very difficult challenge (more on that in a moment) I thought you could use a break.

So today we have a single for your consideration 🙂

Vintage Silver Compote

A simple single!

Sorry about the shadows, it was very difficult to shoot this one well.  The angles of the pieces create lots of reflections.

While you ponder this one, let’s congratulate the winner of last week’s 4th of July edition.

Silver Jefferson Cup

An original Silver Jefferson Cup on display in the Dining Room of Monticello. The inscription reads GW to TJ.

As Kelly Hines so definitely pointed out it is indeed GW to TJ. The reasons for this are explained in my Silver Jefferson Cup post. Kelly I must confess to be curious as to whether you knew this or had to look it up? Danny better luck next time, but clever playing of the odds.

Kelly please contact me via the contact form or drop me an email at customerservice [at] silvermagpies [dot] com. I need to get your prize to you!

Thanks to everyone for playing.


Is it just me or do you think Gothic letters are very difficult to read?

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8 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Compote – Monogram Challenge

  1. quintessenceNo Gravatar

    I also think it’s “C” and must agree that not only do I find Gothic letters rather hard to read but they are one of my least favorite engraved styles.

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Thanks for playing Quintessence.
      I don’t know why I should perceive Gothic that way…especially after some of the other styles I see.

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Hello Jay

      Welcome to Silver Magpies and thanks for playing! Competition is heating. If indeed it is C, my trusty straw hat is going to get a workout.

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