Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge – Wine Coaster Edition

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Good morning, are you ready for today’s vintage silver monogram challenge? A friend pointed out the 4th of July weekend is next weekend…how did that happen? So I have entertaining on my mind. And with entertaining my thoughts naturally turn to food and wine.

Engraved on the base of a very lovely RW Wallace wine coaster is a triple monogram. Can you decipher it?

Will everyone get it right again this week?

Sterling Silver RW Wallace Wine Coaster

Another Deco triple...

If so, I’m going to have to resort to photography foul play or some other underhanded trick. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon through playing the Monogram Challenge though. Many monograms that are extremely difficult to read in real life, almost magically resolve and become easier to read in a photo.

I now double check myself by looking at a monogram on screen before I decide what it is.

Just what is the Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge?

If you are new, welcome.  It’s super easy to play.  Just look at the photo take a guess as to what it is then leave your answer in the comments below. Click here to see all the rules of the game. Click here if you are looking for information about the proper way to do a monogram on silver.

Either way, stick around and play.  I’ll announce the winner on Friday.  And Wanda you still need to contact me and let me know where to send your prize to! I’ll remind you on Twitter 🙂


Do you ever use a wine bottle coaster? Very handy for catching those pesky drips!


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