Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge by Candle Light

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Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Father’s Day. Are you ready and rested for the vintage silver Monogram Challenge?

Well here it is!

Vintage silver candlestick

A classic triple!

A classic triple monogram on the base of those very cool Art Deco candlestick I showed the other day. I really like these, they are unexpected.  Quite the subtle yet effective twist on an ancient classic.

If you are new to the Monogram Challenge, welcome. It’s super easy to play, just leave your guess educated answer as a comment below. I will announce the winner on Friday.  If more than one person gets the correct answer I will draw names out of my trusty straw hat – which has been getting quite a workout lately!

You are all getting verrrry good.

Click here to see all the rules and explanation of prizes. Click here if you are looking for information about monograms on silver (an astonishing number of people end up here looking for “monogram rules”…hint…there are none anymore.)

As always I look forward to reading your answers.  The competition has been so fierce lately 🙂


Do you ever light candles at dinner?  Try it, a mundane Wednesday dinner can be transformed!

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge by Candle Light

  1. stitchforkNo Gravatar

    That’s a beauty of a monogrm, and candlestick. When my guys were younger, the job everyone wanted was to use the candle snuffer after dinner!

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