5 Fabulous Ideas for Vintage Silver Wedding Gifts

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vintage silver makes great wedding presents

Wedding season is coming...time to think about gifts!

Wedding season is upon us, and along with it the dilemma of what to get the happy couple.

Vintage silver makes a fantastic wedding gift.

Even the smallest, single piece can make the most fabulous present. What do I mean by fabulous?

  • First, every time I look at or use it I think of the person who gave it to me.
  • Second, it lasts!

A personal aside, but I’m tired of replacing “durable” goods on a regular basis.


In no particular order, here are 5 fabulous vintage silver wedding present ideas.

vintage silver, sterling silver sugar spoon

Sugar Shell

1.Sugar Shell

The humble sugar spoon is a perfect gift.

Many of these come in fantastic styles often known as sugar shells. From simple to ornate, plain to elaborate there is a sugar shell to match every style.

The bowls on these spoons are often fluted and scalloped like sea shells, hence the name.


Tiffany Spoon in the Blackberry Pattern, c.1876

Berry Spoon by Tiffany

Vintage silver Berry Spoon, American Sterling Silver Marks

Louis XV Berry Spoon

2. Serving spoon

Available in every imaginable style, size and a huge array of price points.

Look at berry spoons, they are often quite large and have unusually shaped bowls making them eye catching and memorable pieces.


English Sterling Silver Napkin Ring

Napkin ring

3. Napkin rings

Why not encourage those newlyweds to actually sit down and dine together.

While ironed linen is lovely, who says you can’t roll up a paper towel and put it in a napkin ring?

Add a little flair to the “Wednesday night and we’re back at work after the honeymoon” dinner a little flair?


Vintage silver sugar tongs marthinsen

Viking Rose - Vintage Silver Sugar Tongs

4. Sugar tongs

As anyone who has read Silver Magpies for long knows, I am crazy about sugar tongs.

I can’t remember the last time there was lump sugar in the house, but I use these pieces all the time.

They are much better than using a fork for serving all sorts of food.  From taquitos to tomatoes! Your clothes and furnishings will be much safer.

Art Craft Vintage Silver Candlesticks

Who says candlesticks have to be huge and ornate?

5. Candlesticks

These are another newlywed must.

Everything looks better by candlelight, even that last minute takeout because you’re too busy to cook dinner?

And candlesticks are another items that comes in every size and shape, from short single candle holders to ornate multi-level, multi-candle candelabra. You don;t even have to give a pair.  Start or add to someone’s cool collection of single candlesticks.


How many wedding presents do you have that have stood the test of time?

Wouldn’t you like to give one that does!

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  1. Julie LoRussoNo Gravatar

    I didn’t even want to register (or have a big fancy wedding) because I didn’t want a bunch of gifts I’d never use. I wanted to be able to hand pick unique beauties like these. Fortunately, I married and Italian and they prefer to give money instead of registry items. Best of both worlds!

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