Tiffany Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge – Melon Spoon Edition

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Vintage silver, Tiffany spoon

A scrumptious art deco triple.

Another weekend has flown by, so that must mean it’s time for another vintage silver monogram challenge.

Are you ready?

This week’s challenge is an absolutely mouthwatering Art Deco monogram engraved on a Tiffany antique silver blunt nosed melon spoon. <- Click for details about the entire set. It’s worth taking a look.

I am smitten with these! Somewhat tellingly though, I am imagining using their superb little shovel noses to dig through a scrumptious ice cream sundae. Oh, or just had a thought, a delicious souffle.

The pattern is Castillian and was introduced by Tiffany in 1929. Not a date generally associated with the successful launch of luxury goods, but perhaps when it’s Tiffany that isn’t such a factor!

If you are new, welcome to the Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge.

You can find the monogram challenge rules for how to play here. Try here if you are looking for information about actual monograms on vintage silver.

To play, just leave your considered opinion, or outright guess in the comments section below. I will announce the winner on Friday.  Easy as pie!


Are you enjoying our stroll through the vintage Tiffany? I hope you are.



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23 thoughts on “Tiffany Vintage Silver Monogram Challenge – Melon Spoon Edition

    1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

      Hi Ivette –

      RVB is in the books for you. Email just arrived because I forgot to change the time on MaiChimp! One of the hazards of posting at different times.

      I think everyone else found me via Twitter!

      Never fear, you aren’t too late.

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