Secret Father’s Day Confessions – What Men Want You to Know Before You Buy that Gift

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Sterling Silver Beer Bottle Opener

Is there a beer drinker in the house?

Last Wednesday I wrote about Vintage Silver and Masculine Luxury and the most interesting thing happened.

First, let me give you a little background. The vast majority of my audience is women. No real surprise there.


I know from my email list and the data provided to me by Google analytics there are men who read these posts. They must be the strong silent type 🙂

I can count the times I have had a comment left by a man – most notably Michael Martine and his contribution about what he’s eat off the Vintage Cartier Silver Plates I wrote about a few weeks ago.

But last week’s post touched a nerve!

I received a number of emails from men (!) telling me how much they had appreciated that post. Three common themes ran through all of the notes I received.

1. Uniqueness – being recognized by a significant other as a special and unique individual. I’ve been informed, in no uncertain terms ladies, that he’s tired of the ties and mugs! Your man would like a Father’s Day gift that lets him know that you know he is unique. To my surprise the cufflinks were mentioned a number of times…a neat way to add a personal touch to the blue/grey/pinstripe suit.

2. Simple Luxury – he likes the notion of luxury. Simple masculine luxury really speaks to him. Ahem, he informs me that the luxurious things in your house – while they are for both of you – seem to be more about you than him. He would like some luxury of his own.

3. Vintage Silver for men – this was the last of the common threads mentioned to me. “I’d never thought about silver for guys before,” said one of my correspondents, “but you have some really cool stuff.” There you go, who can argue with that!! I’d like to add that the whiskey flasks and beer bottle opener got a few mentions here 😉


Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to contact me. Your insights were absolutely fascinating.

Ladies, have you thought about your guy as someone who would identify with Vintage Silver + Masculine Luxury?

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5 thoughts on “Secret Father’s Day Confessions – What Men Want You to Know Before You Buy that Gift

  1. LynnHNo Gravatar

    My man has no tolerance for the frivolous, especially if it needs storing. He loves pie, though. I make him pie for occasions, and just because sometimes.

    For his last (big) birthday, we spent a day together, exploring an unfamiliar city a few hours from home. That was what he asked for

    He likes time & my attention better than stuff. Also, we are not into guessing / mind reading what the other wants. He often asks what I want for holidays. Really, HE is the best present ever.

    1. LynnHNo Gravatar

      Hmmm, on the subject of silver, maybe a pie-lifting table utensil? Takes little space and would be used often.

      1. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

        Hello Lynn –

        Welcome to Silver Magpies! I love your idea of exploring a new city together, what a great gift idea.
        And I’m horrified to see how hot it was in Michigan. It was bad here in DC too.

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