Vintage Silver – A few pieces of delectable Friday Eye Candy

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Good afternoon! Friday has arrived with astonishing quickness as it was a short week here in the US. It has been an excellent week and there is lots of exciting vintage silver in store for you in the very near future. Here is a tiny little taste of what being cataloged at the moment…

Vintage Silver Eye Candy

I love the ways that vintage silver pieces like these are so versatile.

Bowls can be used for anything…and these are big enough to go from pure decoration to serving bowls or be a centerpiece on the dining room table. Likewise with the sugar shell and master butter knife. Eat your cereal or cut your birthday cake with a little flair!

A little off-topic and on a personal note, does it ever make you wonder when people pull out a huge carving knife or a serrated bread knife to cut a cake?

Ummm, it’s a cake. It should be soft and tender, the knife is there to simply – what’s the best word – divide it into appropriate sized sections. If it needs a sharp blade to cut it, I always take the first taste with caution…am I going to chip a tooth?

But I digress…

Back to unfinished business

vintage silver, monogram on sterling silver

A very ornate triple? Or a double?

You may remember (although it has been long enough that you might not!) the last vintage silver monogram challenge.

We had lots of entries and everyone got it right. The answer is indeed “KG”. No one was fooled by my red herring suggestion of a triple. You’re all getting so good!

My usual procedure is in the case of a tie to put the name of each person who got the correct answer into my trusty straw hat and then pull out a name. I followed this usual procedure and had filled up my hat when fate intervened and it fell off my desk!

I decided to take this as a sign and declare everyone a winner. So silver sixpences are waiting for:

  • Jackie
  • Julie
  • Flibbertygibbet
  • Jan
  • Jane Naylor


Do you think it’s all delectable? And where do you stand on the cake cutting issue?

Large Scalloped Vintage Silver Bowl – American Silver Marks
$2 750.00
Vintage Silver Master Butter Knife – American Sterling Silver Marks
Vintage Silver Sugar Shell – American Sterling Silver Marks

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One thought on “Vintage Silver – A few pieces of delectable Friday Eye Candy

  1. Jackie BernardiNo Gravatar

    On the issue of cake cutting: more easy, more better. Serrated all the way baby!

    On the issue of all of us winning, I have decided to donate my silver six pence to Flibbertygibbet, because that is the most fun name I have ever seen!

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