8 Affordable Ways Vintage Silver Will Make Your Man Feel Important This Father’s Day

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english vintage silver whisky flask

Swaine Adeney Vintage Silver Whiskey Flask

Vintage silver is very masculine. There, I’ve said it, but I can see a few skeptical looks.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking silver is something only women enjoy and appreciate. Men enjoy luxury too.

Vintage Silver is Simple Luxury

In another of those amazing transformations, like  going from an everyday item to something to save for best, the perception has somehow arisen that silver is only for women. Again, it has acquired a reputation it really doesn’t deserve.

Historically, men have taken a very active interest in the household silver.

Don’t forget it was a public, tangible signal of socio-economic standing. Items that currently seem firmly in the feminine domain – flatware, tea sets, and silver plates –  were direct signals of masculine wealth and prestige.

Even below-stairs, care and control of the family silver was firmly in the masculine domain.  Rather than coming under the purview of the housekeeper, silver was the butler’s territory. He either polished or directly supervised the polishing of the silver and it was stored in the butler’s pantry to which only he had the key.

There are a myriad of  items any man would enjoy.

One of my favorite things at an antiques show is watching a man reluctantly be brought over to Silver Magpies by a woman.  So many times his expression is one of utter boredom.

I love to show these guys just what vintage silver might interest them!

A vintage silver whiskey flask frequently has a galvanizing effect on bored men. It’s that mixture of functional items being made an extraordinary luxury through the material they are made from and the history they can connect us with.

The number of fascinating conversations I’ve had about cuff-links would probably astound you. Did you know that the first American cuff-links were made in a factory converted from an ordinance manufacturing plant after the First World War? Compare the base of a cartridge to the face of a cuff-link…


Father’s Day is coming soon, wouldn’t the man in your life would enjoy something that shows you appreciate his uniqueness and importance?

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    So is it wrong that I like your silver gift picks for men too?! I could say it’s for him…
    You had me pulling out my grandmother’s silver today. Will have to send you a pic of what was in that box!
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