Monogram Challenge – Monday May 23

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vintage silver, monogram on sterling silver

A very ornate double? triple?

Good morning, I hope every one enjoyed the weekend. Now you’re rested and refreshed I’m sure you are looking forward to today’s challenge 🙂

Monogram Challenge

This particular monogram is on a piece of vintage silver which has a very lovely brightwork scene on the front of the handle.

As there was no appropriate place for the monogram on the front, it has been engraved on the reverse side, as you would typically find in a French place setting.

Although in this case the piece would not have been laid on the table face down, it would have been set to display it’s glory.

vintage silver, sterling silver sugar spoon, sugar shell

I think that lovely long-stemmed flower is a lupine. It is literally the crowning glory of a beautiful brightwork handle.

And what glory it is!

Brightwork always draws the eye, just from it’s very nature. The engraving is cut with facets to catch the light and give a sense of texture and depth.

But what about last week’s Monogram Challenge you ask?

Well if you remember it was a really difficult one, a fine flowing script and quite worn with all the handling over the years.

We had quite a few entries, but alas no winner!

It’s KSC, at least everyone got the K! So doesn’t that make this week’s seem easy?

Sterling Silver, monogram challenge

To refresh your memory!

If you are new…

You can find the Monogram Challenge Game Rules and information about prizes here.
I’ll announce the winner on Friday (I promise!) If more than one person gets the right answer, I shall put names on a slip of paper and draw them from my trusty straw hat.

Good luck.


I hope you are going to play the game! Just like the lottery you can’t win if you don’t play!


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      Hello Jan –

      Welcome to Silver Magpies! Thank you so much for reading and leaving an answer. You are keeping good company today and KG is noted and recorded for you too.

      Thank you again.

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