By Request Detailed Eye Candy – 29 April 2011

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Friday Eye Candy makes a major technological breakthrough.

I know it’s no big deal to many of you but you’ll have to forgive me for being rather pleased about having managed that.

Monogram Challenge Winner

A few weeks ago, Le Petit P left a comment asking for a really detailed Eye Candy. To celebrate LPP’s winning this Monday’s Monogram Challenge, it seemed an appropriate time to air the video.

Congratulations! To refresh your memory, here was Monday’s photo.

English Sterling Silver Mirror

Complicated multi-letter or a single initial?

The answer to this week’s Challenge is indeed the letter G. A single initial monogram made very complicated by the addition of lots of decorative elements that look almost, but are not quite letters.

Contact me to claim your prize! 🙂


Do you like the new Eye Candy format? Let me know.

Silver is for more than just special occasions, make Every Day Best

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2 thoughts on “By Request Detailed Eye Candy – 29 April 2011

  1. quintessenceNo Gravatar

    Congrats to Le Petit P and I am actually quite impressed with your technological prowess!! I am hoping to add video at some point in the future so I may be consulting you!!

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