Monogram Challenge – Monday 25 April

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English Sterling Silver Mirror

Complicated multi-letter or a single initial?

Good Morning Friends, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s Monday and that means

The Monogram Challenge

For today’s challenge we have a very ornate repousse mirror sporting a wonderful monogram.

Now, is it a single letter with decorative fillips around it?

Or is it a triple with the scale of the central letter greatly exaggerated?

You’ll note the photo is very large today. I think this is a rather difficult one, let’s see what you think.


For those of you who are new, The Monogram Challenge is a weekly feature on Notes & Observations. You can find the (very simple) rules and story of how the challenge got started here.

Don’t be intimidated, just take a guess and leave your answer in the comments. Last week’s winner came out of the dark to upset two long-running Monogram Challenge Champions.

The email she sent me was, to put it mildly, ecstatic 🙂 I loved reading and responding to it.

So really, anyone can win, and if you have read the rules, you’ll know that you really do win a prize!

Perhaps the addition of ComLuv to Notes & Observations will be an additional enticement!


Thank you for reading. So many of you have sent me tweets and emails in the last couple of weeks letting me know that N&O is valuable to you. It means a great deal to me that you think so.

N&O is for you! To inform and entertain and see that silver is not a relic of the past but has a place in your bright future.

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Don’t forget the Silver Information Library either. Lots of links to great information on and off-site.

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