A Spoonful of Silver Eye Candy

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Happy Friday everyone.

It’s Eye Candy time again.

I was hunting for a spoon this week to compare one set of silver marks with another and it amused me to the selection I came up with. I thought it might amuse you too.

Remember it’s set to some great jazz, so if you should be working not surfing or you just got the baby to sleep I’d suggest headphones or turn down the volume.

A spoonful of Eye Candy

Aren’t they fabulous?

We have a Monogram Challenge Winner!

I’m thrilled to announce that Jane Naylor has won with week with her entry RT.

Monogram Challenge - 11 April 2011

RT - well done Jane!

The other entries stated with B, but Jane takes the cake (or in this case the silver six-pence). She noticed that the letter is open on the bottom R not B. Jane, email me and I’ll arrange for your six-pence to get to you. 🙂

Flib and Ivette – thanks as always for your entries. Quite the unexpected upset after you two have dominated for so long!

Monogram Challenge Contest

Don’t forget this is the last weekend for entries. You can find all the contest details here. Find a Q,U, or Y and an hour of identification, appraisal, or research services are yours. Thanks to everyone who has already submitted their entry, I’ve had great fun viewing them.

The winning photos will be shown on Monday in a revised version of the original Monograms A-Z slideshow


I always love to hear from you. Any thoughts about those spoons?

Please share this post – help spread the word that silver is for more than special occasions. Thanks!

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