Eye Candy Friday – 1 April

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I am looking forward to Spring. It seems to be very elusive this year!

In this slightly wistful and distracted state I offer up

Silver Eye Candy Friday

Eye Candy 11 – I’m looking forward to Spring. Flowers, a cold drink, a few tasty nibbles with some friends on a warm Friday evening.

*Music alert – for those of you who shouldn’t be listening to jazz and dreaming of Spring.

Monogram Challenge

Full marks to Ivette and Flibbertygibbet for their efforts on this week’s monogram.  I agree with you, I think it’s a W too.  The “wingie things”, as Ivette so memorably put it, do seem strange the other way.

Thus I hereby award both of you a silver sixpence. Fairly soon they are going to turn into magic six-pence piles, you too keep notching up the wins!

My thanks to both of you for playing 🙂


I look forward to your comments. Anyone else looking forward to warmer weather?

Please share this post – help spread the word that silver is for more than special occasions. Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday – 1 April

  1. IvetteNo Gravatar

    Anything pretty enough to share the spotlight with ranunculus is beautiful indeed! Thanks for getting me into the Spring mood in this crazy non-Spring weather! Some lovely new pieces there too!

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