Monogram Challenge – 14 March

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monogram challenge, 14 march

I am written in a very pretty script...but can you actually read me?

Monday’s here and it’s time for the

Monogram challenge


For those of you who are new, welcome here is a link to the Monogram Challenge rules.

So here it is…what are the initials on this piece?

Just leave your answer as a comment. I’ll announce the winner on Friday, if there is a tie, I’ll draw names from my hat.


I look forward to hearing from you, so remember to leave me a comment with your guess!

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4 thoughts on “Monogram Challenge – 14 March

  1. Jane NaylorNo Gravatar

    I always enjoy looking at the challenge at coffee time. Today I’m watching the grouse frantically running up and down looking for the hole under the fence to escape from our garden after raiding the bird food!
    Oh, did you mean comments about silver?!
    I’m guessing MKP this week.

  2. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

    Hello –

    Sorry for the tardy to response to everyone this week. It is a tricky one, perhaps some of Jane N’s grouse helped to do the engraving.

    Laura B – thanks for joining us. I hope you enjoy out little mysteries! All will be revealed on Friday!

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