The Silver Information Library, Eye Candy, & lots more…

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Time to confess, I’m one of those list-making people. It’s not so much that I like lists, as I like crossing things off lists. Today is very special, as three major tasks are now crossed off my to do list.

  • Every Day Best e-book T-minus 5 days until launch (Tuesday!) – Every Day Best – 7 reasons to get your silver out of storage and use it now.
  • Silver Information Library – indexed and ready to help
  • Website 2.0 – better for you and me

All of that plus…

  • Monogram Challenge winner

Then we can take a well-deserved break with

  • more Candid Eye Candy

Every Day Best launches on Tuesday the 15th.

Conversations and interactions I’ve had on-line and in person with clients and browsers at antiques shows have inspired Every Day Best. I’ve finally managed to corral them into an organized form.

Use it, enjoy it and make memories with it – make Every Day Best.

Silver Information Library is live.

Entry to the Silver Information Library is via the Resources page. It’s a table of contents linking reference material I’ve written and high quality external resources. At the moment the categories are:

  • English silver hallmarks and silver marks
  • Silversmith
  • Use your vintage silver
  • How to clean silver
  • Definition of silver
  • History of silver
  • Think before you buy
  • Monograms
  • Antiques in England

(Finally) the website is done.

For a while at least. The last 6 or 8 weeks have been spent doing behind-the-scenes technical and on-screen adjustment. The trouble with all this do-it-yourself bootstrapping stuff is that by the time it’s “finished”, you’ve learned so much you have to back and start again. Undoubtedly, I have not caught all the links that got “broken” in the process, I’d be really grateful if you’d let me know when you find one. It’s amazing how complicated a spider’s web I made on a very small website!

The process has added to my grey hair. I managed to crash the whole site and lock myself out of admin, not once but 3 times in 48 hours! My apologies if anyone was inconvenienced. Perhaps it is a natural consequence of letting an antiques dealer loose on the technical part of a website! Regardless, I don’t want to repeat the experience .

Monogram Challenge! A winner.

vintage silver milk jug

Vintage silver milk pitcher, it is part of a tea set that had the same monogram on all the pieces.

It’s two in a row for Flibbertygibbet! This is was a very difficult monogram, so kudos to you! The six-pence pieces are piling up!

Jane it’s another close call for you. Maybe next week….

Candid Eye Candy

Now it’s time to relax. The first Candid Eye Candy was such a hit, here’s another installment…this time it’s silver used used for what it was actually intended! It’s short as the meal was cooling and hungry people were getting impatient 🙂 Remember to use headphones or adjust the volume – it’s set to music.

Candid Eye Candy – A Short Story of Saturday Lunch


Thanks for reading, commenting, and questioning. I hope you enjoy the changes to the design and substance on Silver Magpies. Please let me know what you think! Post a comment.


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3 thoughts on “The Silver Information Library, Eye Candy, & lots more…

  1. Jane NaylorNo Gravatar

    Love the title – “Every Day Best” – says it all!

    I’m really enjoying the “Candid Eye Candy” – made me hungry this time though! Off to the kitchen!

  2. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

    Hi Jane –

    I’m very glad you liked it, as you inspired the Candid Eye Candy concept. It was a delicious meal. I hope you’ve made something just as yummy.

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