Want to know why its been an Amazing Friday? (with Eye Candy)

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Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a good week.

Good things come in all sizes, and often when you least expect them.

The highlight of my week just happened! I’ve just gotten off the phone with J$ (for the record I stuck with calling him J), one of the two guys who runs Love Drop. I mentioned them a week or so ago, and am proud to say that Silver Magpies was a supporter.

Well, a couple of days ago I received an email with a video link to the “drop” they did in March. I won’t go into all the details because I want you to go to their site and check them out. My immediate reaction was awe at what a difference – measurable, quantifiable – they had made. My second was awe at how they had done it. Again, go to Love Drop and see how!

Instead of letting the moment pass, I decided to do a little carpe diem. So, I sent a return email with a tiny question/suggestion about how Silver Magpies might be able to become a bit more involved. We finally had a conversation via phone this afternoon. We bounced around a few ideas and and agreed that some further research was necessary, but there was a lot of potential 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll be seeing some action before too long.

I fully expected the conversation to end there.

But somehow the conversation segued into Silver Magpies and my whole just use it philosophy. (I’m sure it was my fault.) Poor man, he was probably anxious to get off the phone while I talked his ear off.But then I suddenly I think I made sense to him. Again, I’m not going to go into the details because this part of today’s post is really meant to be about Love Drop and how little things really do add up.

But I was really excited, that a complete stranger could suddenly see that my passion for the stories, history, craftsmanship, and all the other things I love about silver can fit quite comfortably into the every day, real world we inhabit. It’s not a relic of times long ago, now only useful as props in a British period movie.

And now for something completely different

sterling silver, shereve knife, monogram challenge

VACluny's Deco Knives

We had a good turnout for this week’s monogram challenge.

To refresh your memory here is the challenge photo.

VaCluny declined to participate in the competition leaving the field wide open to new entrants and former Champion Flibbertygibbet.

It was a valiant effort by all concerned, but Flibbertygibbet has taken this week’s six-pence with the correct answer – “JLD”.

The serif-bit that makes the D look like a G is actually part of the L. 🙂

So, Flib – contact me – those six-pence pieces are starting to accumulate!


After all the action and suspense, I need to relax a little.

Remember the music – a great jazz riff by Red Garland – and adjust volume or earphones if needed.

Here is Eye Candy 9 – Can you spot the ringer?

Oh, did I forget to mention there would be quizzes on the material we’ve already covered? It must have slipped my mind 🙂


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As always, I love your comments! Can you spot the ringer?

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  1. flibbertygibbetNo Gravatar

    I don’t think I saw a lion passant on the last picture. I was trying to scan quickly, so I might have missed it. I learned from reading your blog – if there’s no lion passant, it’s not sterling (English)!

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