Candid Eye Candy

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Hello, and happy Friday to everyone. We had some heated competition for the Monogram Challenge this week – including an entry from a brand new reader. Thank you for playing.

We have a winner!

The answer is JC.

Regular contestants Flibbertygibbet and VACluny both submitted correct answers again this week. So it was up to my straw hat to break the tie! The silver six-pence goes to VACluny, who now has 4! If the pace keeps up VACluny will be adding to their silver collection.

Congratulations VACluny, contact me to claim your prize. For everyone else who played, thanks very much and I hope to see you next Monday.

Continuing with our regular Friday schedule, it’s difficult for me to believe but today marks the 8th installment of Eye Candy.

This week a fabulous suggestion came from a new reader

“Your silver is lovely, but the Eye Candy makes me think of Stately Homes.” Translation for those in the US – Historic Properties.

Can you hear the sound of the lightbulb going on? The Eye Candy pictures are ones to use in sale listings for each piece. They are carefully posed for maximum glamor. These are model shots, if you will.

Today is going to be a little different. Candid Eye Candy – no props, no silk background, forget the perfect lighting. This is how silver is really used around the house every day.

Silver Magpies philosophy is get it out of storage and use it! Antique & vintage silver has everyday uses in your life. Well, here is a selection of shots of silver in action!

Candid Eye Candy

Enjoy – Candid Eye Candy

Please remember the music!

Turn the volume off or down if you shouldn’t be surfing the web/waking up the baby.


If you have enjoyed this post, please let me know by commenting, tweeting, or sharing with a friend.  I’d really appreciate it.


This week in addition to you comments, send or post some photos of silver in everyday use at your home.

I’d like to put together a Candid Eye Candy of readers photos!

Can’t wait to hear from you.

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6 thoughts on “Candid Eye Candy

  1. JaneNo Gravatar

    I especially like the last picture. It reminded me of a lovely pottery milk jug which I rarely use so I’ve decided to have it as a pencil pot on my desk so I enjoy it every day.

  2. SilverMagpiesNo Gravatar Post author

    Thanks Jane.

    That’s exactly how I feel. These things are so lovely to look at why not adapt them to another purpose if you don’t use them frequently.

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