Re-purpose Your Vintage Silver

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How do you re-purpose your vintage silver?

Regulars of this blog know all about my opinion that sterling is made to be used.  With a few exceptions the silverware that’s available was designed to be functional, although sometimes the silver companies got a little carried away with specialization (see my post What if You Don’t Serve Sardines).

What was the result?

Utterly fabulous, glorious pieces like these.

A toast fork with Mother of Pearl handle and sterling silver tines.

An exquisite salt cellar - London, 1888. I love the bath tub shape and pedestal foot.

Aren’t they gorgeous? They are, but how many of you toast your bread in front of an open fire? And, at least in our house, salt consumption has undergone a dramatic decrease.

Does that mean these pieces are useless?

I don’t think so. We all just have to think out of the box a bit more.

1.  Break yourself of the mindset that they are for best. I had a conversation with an acquaintance of mine a couple of weeks ago, I’ll call her R.

It went along the lines of:

R -“I have a gorgeous sugar spoon that was given to me as a wedding present by dear relatives”.

Me – “Oh, what do you use it for?”

R – “I don’t, it’s in the box. It’s for special occasions.”

Me – “Do you ever use sugar?”

R – “Yes, in my coffee.”

You can imagine the rest…

2. Just because something has a name it doesn’t mean that is the only thing you can use it for. Re-purpose it!

Here are some of my favorite ways to re-purpose the gorgeous and obscure.

The were originally intended as sugar tongs. I don't serve a lot of lump sugar, but I love tongs like these to serve finger food. Nothing escapes these, even the dreaded cherry tomato!

A pair of knife rests made in 1913. It might be a bit much to have one at every place setting these days. I like to use them to keep used serving pieces off the tablecloth.

I’d like to know

Do the names stymie you? Once it’s been identified as X, are you unable to use it for anything else?

What’s your favorite piece (or what would be if you could get it 🙂 ) and how would you creatively re-purpose your silver?

Inquiring minds want to know…at least I do.

Leave a comment, join the conversation.  I always love to hear from you.

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