Winner of Monogram Challenge – Number 2

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12.22.10 A big round of applause for….Flibbertygibbet!!

The correct answer of this week’s Monogram Challenge is indeed – RMR.

I’ll admit to being crushed that it seemed so easy.  Consequently, a number of thoughts run through my head.

1) Am I particularly, ahhh – challenged – at dechipering monograms?

2) As this is part of my job, should I outsource?  I could improve my productivity by letting you, my 2 faithful readers, do all the work!

3) Thinking this through (and looking for ways to soothe my wounded confidence) perhaps I need to make the monograms more difficult, or I could make the photos life sized…if I were really fiendish, I could shrink them.

2) Where are you people when I’ve spent hours at swirling loops trying to sort out what they are?

3) You must play in order to win…this doesn’t just apply to the lottery!!

Anyway, congratulations to Flibber. Feel free to contact me using the form on the Contact Us page, in order to claim your fabulous prize.

Thanks to everyone who has played along.

Next week I shall increase the difficulty level and quite probably keep the photo life sized.  Nothing like a good challenge and an hour or so of squinting to cheer you up on a Monday morning.

So, tune in to see what delights await you.

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