Made the ETSY front page!

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12.07.10   I woke to find a delightful email this morning.  A treasury that Silver Magpies was in, made the front page on ETSY!

For those of you who do not spend far too many moments of their day obsessing over hearts and page views…ETSY is an online venue for selling all things handmade and vintage.

Silver Magpies debuted on ETSY about 10 days ago.  Once there, I quickly discovered that sellers can make treasuries.  A treasury is a handpicked collection of items from other stores (spread the love is the thought) that a person likes and wants to show en masse.  They all have a central theme, be it color, function, occasion, etc.  They are fun to make.  “Hmm, if I had a $10,000 coupon for ETSY how would I spend it?”  It is extremely flattering to be included in one.

A treasury wins the jackpot when it is picked for the FP.  The FP is ETSY’s front page, the place where you land when you type in As you can imagine the competition to get one’s treasury on the FP is intense.  To up the ante, as I understand it, treasuries get to the front page by being singled out by the ETSY admin people.

An image springs to mind of puppies crowding around a single spot of their enclosure.  Waiting, begging to be picked up by the person on the other side of the fence.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!!

I don’t know how long a single treasury is featured – 30 minutes?  Fleeting perhaps, but they are important minutes for everyone.

The curator of the treasury gets a lot of exposure as an arbiter of good taste. After all, if they pick things that are good enough for the FP, everyone wants to see what their shop looks like. Curiosity leads to lots of new people discovering your shop.  As with any retail environment, competition is hot.  There are lots of talented people making amazing items out there.  How is a buyer to choose? Will they even see your store among all the others?  You need to get lots of people to see you, then even if they don’t buy anything today, hopefully they’ll remember you another time.

For the sellers whose items have been featured, well, I suppose some might get blasé about it, but I’m not that cool and sophisticated.  I get a rush from it.  Of all the millions (?) of items on ETSY someone picked mine!  It’s very ego-boosting.

It also means lots and lots of exposure.  The item that made the FP treasury when I finished for the day (actually it was night) had about 40+ views on it.  When I checked this morning, after the amazing email, it had 397!  In my, limited, experience that’s a lot of views.  The same principle applies to sellers.  An FP treasury means lots of new traffic to your shop and, fingers crossed, someone likes what they sees.

So with heartfelt thanks to JustFeltLikeIt, I’m going to be shameless and post a screenshot of the FP treasury.

Many thanks also to PolkadotMagpie who got my day off to a great start with such good news.

Silver Magpies on the ETSY front page treasury!

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