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Finally a happy story!

I often have the unpleasant task of telling people that Grandma’s precious heirloom or that amazing piece they bought on holiday is not, in fact, sterling.  Several blogs have been devoted to the perils of identification.  Well, finally here is a story that has a pleasant ending.

I was at the home of a client doing some research work on their collection.  It contained a mixture of sterling and silver plate.  I gave my usual lecture…just USE it!  ”Who cares if you eat off the kitchen table, every table looks better with silver candle sticks.”

Really, enjoy what you have.

Anyway, at the end of my visit we walked by the bar and I caught sight of this amazing trophy.  It was huge and simply fantastic with a great inscription on the front. Being professionally nosy (please remember, I have noted elsewhere that I refrain from doing this in social situations) I picked it up and checked for marks. Sure enough, it was sterling.  While I was doing this, my client casually remarked that it was just a bit of old silver plate from a relative and it was mainly used as a wine cooler these days.  To say I was happy was an understatement. First, I had a delightful time explaining that it was sterling not silver plate. Second, harping on my personal theme, there it was, in all its sterling glory, being used, not stuffed in a closet!

It is possible that my feelings were a mere shadow of my client’s astonishment and initial disbelief.  Once the shock had worn off, it is also possible that they made noises about putting it away for best…I sincerely hope they are still using it to chill their wine.  What a great way to use a piece of family history.

With my client’s generous permission I am posting a photograph of the trophy here.  I have blurred out the name on it as I want to preserve their privacy. Many thanks for allowing me to share this photograph.

The sterling trophy, in (almost) all it’s glory!

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